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Website Launch

Can we have a drum roll please. After a busy stint of designing, planning and collaborating we are finally ready to raise the curtain on our new website.

It’s fair to say Foot Centric has been operating in stealth mode until now, but we are ready to stand up and shout about our beautiful contemporary clinic and all the professional services we have to offer.

With our easy to navigate, fresh look site, you’ll now find all the information you need about our podiatry services at your fingertips. As an added bonus, we’ve integrated online booking and payment options for several of our appointment types. We know time is a valuable commodity so if you haven’t got the hours in the day to ring and make an appointment, you can now scroll through and pick a slot to suit you and even purchase some of our popular retail footcare items along the way.

And that’s not all, over the coming weeks and months we’ll also be adding new blogs to the site to keep you updated with clinic news and developments, so keep your eyes peeled.  There’s no need to wait though, some useful blog articles on specific foot conditions have already been uploaded.

So, without further ado, we’d like to invite you to take mosey around our shiny new website, bookmark it and while you’re at it why not connect with us on all of our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name a few.

Before you pop off and engross yourself in our contemporary new site, we’d also like to give a special mention to our web design company, CODE4 Digital, who not only made the magic happen, but also made the project run smoothly.


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