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Most of us are familiar with the main symptoms of COVID-19 – A new continuous cough, high temperature and a change to your sense of smell or taste.  However, scientists have also discovered that “COVID Toes” could also be a side effect. 


Researchers have found that it’s often younger patients, who may not necessarily have tested positive, but may be carriers of the virus, who seem to present with the chilblain like lesions, known as “COVID TOES”.


“COVID TOES” present as inflammation in the toes causing them to look red and swollen. They may also feel hot, itchy and weep. Patients have described them as painful when touched or when walking. 


A lot is still is unknown about “COVID TOES”, but we do know that they don’t generally require any treatment. Most lesions tend to disappear on their own after a couple of weeks but some can last for months, but it is advisable to contact your GP for further advice if they are becoming problematic. Topical steroids and analgesia may help for troublesome lesions.





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