+Can I claim back the cost of my podiatry/chiropody appointment via a health plan I pay into?
We can provide you with a receipt so that you can claim back all or a proportion of your treatment through your health plan provider . However, the treatment/consultation  must be paid for by the patient on the day or in advance. Our clinic DOES NOT deal with companies or plan providers that require Foot Centric to claim back the cost of the treatment through them.
+Do you offer a nail cutting only price?
In the world of podiatry/chiropody there is no such thing as a simple nail trim. Most of our patients seek us out for nail care services because their nails are thickened or have become a difficult shape to manage. Sometimes patients see a chiropodist because they can’t reach their feet any more or because they have a complex underlying medical condition.

Irrespective of the reason, we know from experience that this still requires the same level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism and takes the same amount of time, if not longer in some instances.

As health and medical practitioners we also often flag other medical issues during routine podiatry appointments, therefore, all of our nail care services fall under our normal podiatry treatment fee.

We will never compromise on the level of service and cleanliness we offer, this includes using a fresh set of sterile instruments on every client regardless of the complexity of their treatment, therefore, to maintain our standards we make no exceptions to our fairly priced fees.

+What’s the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist?
This question crops up a lot. In short, they are both exactly the same, podiatrists and chiropodists are qualified to the same level. Podiatrist is a term that is widely used in America and has more recently been adopted in the UK. To use the title Chiropodist or Podiatrist, the clinician must be HCPC registered and hold a degree in podiatry or a diploma in chiropody.

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